Maine Bear Hunts

Maine bear hunting in the heart of the Katahdin Region. Here at Spencer Cove Outfitters we take pride in offering a quality hunt. All of our hunting territory is exclusive to Spencer Cove Outfitters. We limit the numbers of hunters we guide per week to give you a quality hunt. Our exclusive rights means we can manage the area better for both hunters and bears. We typically start in August baiting the sites which give us 30 days prior to the season to produce active sites. Game cameras are used to monitor the sites so we have information on bear activity areas and times.

We use only fresh pastry's and sweets when baiting our sites.

The Bear Hunting Season in Maine: Maine Black Bear season always starts the last Monday in August.

2015 Bear over bait August 31st to September 26th.

At Spencer Cove Outfitters we offer a 6 day 7 night bear hunt. Our clients arrive at the camps on Sunday where we spend time forming friendships with fellow hunters and discussing the week ahead. We also take time to head to the range to make any final adjustments on rifles and bows.

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2015 Bear Hunting Package

Bear Hunting Over bait. August 31 - September 26:

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Licensing Information

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Hunting Page

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